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The Sunset Collection: Behind The Scenes

By Taya Flores, High Street Fashion Co. Co - founder

Every piece of clothing has a story.

There's the creation story conceptualized by the designer. After that little seed takes root, the retailer weaves the narrative of aspirational living: This is the dress worn by the thirty-something world traveler, who loves history, vacationing in Italy and a bohemian lifestyle.

It's where you want to be and these are the clothes that get you there.

But what happens when the clothes are discarded? Does that legacy fade into oblivion?

Here at High Street Fashion Co. we love second-hand clothing, not only because it's affordable and ethical but because it's sustainable. It breathes new life into already - made pieces that would otherwise be in a landfill.

As co-founders of a vintage and second-hand boutique, Quintessa and I often find our inspiration in thrift stores and the backstory of our fall collection is no exception.

Someone in India hand beaded one of our thrifted finds. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the shirt is made out of pure silk.

Another person hand-beaded a silk handbag. What are the odds?

These beautiful finds laid the foundation for our new fall selections that comprise: The Sunset Collection.

The collection sets metallic golds and hand-beaded craftsmanship against a backdrop of warm yellows, oranges and rusty reds. The styling is transitional and features a variation of layering options that can be worn as the weather changes.

The color story is evocative of the sunset, hence the name of the collection.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed curating and styling it!

From our closet to yours,

Quintessa & Taya



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