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High Street Fashion co-founder joins Columbus mask - making initiative

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Everyone has been on edge as the world awaits the next phase of COVID - 19 preparation. After social distancing plays out, what happens next?

The truth is: No one knows.

Here, at High Street Fashion Co., we plan to continue our mission of sharing our love of street style meets vintage fashion. Each day, we aim to inspire hope, aspiration and creativity.

Notwithstanding, everyone has a role to play in the current fight against COVID - 19 and High Street Fashion Co. recognizes that responsibility.

Quintessa Ezell, company co - founder, recently joined forces with Columbus Fashion Council to create face masks to address the current shortage.

"As a conscious fashion - designer, who is inspired by my city, I am proud to be part of this initiative to stand together with my community," Ezell said. "The goal is to help provide the resources needed to fight this pandemic -- in style."

Ezell, a fashion designer by training, designed and sewed about 10 masks that she donated to the cause.

The initiative is a collaboration between the Fashion Council, local fashion designers and boutiques and a Bangladesh manufacturing partner. The goal is to create about 5,000 face masks.

Ezell, who studied fashion design at the Columbus College of Art and Design, created the masks under her independent design label, Quintessa Dionne.

The masks will be disseminated among various health organizations in Central Ohio.

For more information about the collaboration visit:

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