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Behind the Scenes: Sapphire Skies

By Taya Flores

High Street Fashion Co - Founder


While plaid usually typifies holiday collections, here at High Street Fashion Co., we love to shake things up. We also adore a healthy does of vintage glamour.

Our latest collection: Sapphire Skies mixes formal wear with street style for an editorial take on holiday fashion. Instead of pairing gowns with traditional strappy platforms, we toughened them with leather, textured furs and combat boots.

We also took inspiration from '80s fashion -- borrowing from vintage silhouettes, playing with volume and vibrant color.

We ditched the traditional red and green color palette and opted instead for the rich jewel tones of gemstones: ruby, sapphire, emerald and amethyst.

The looks also played with the rich textures of fur, metallic, leather and sherpa.

Fashion is meant to inspire and we hope this collection inspires you to think big and bold thoughts, reach for bright stars and imagine your life in vivid color.

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