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The holidays are quickly approaching and it's no surprise that you have a variety of personalities on your gift list.

But what do you get the girl who has it all?

Well, we've made it easy for you. We have curated a special collection of luxe vintage and secondhand pieces from our Sapphire Skies Collection that will suit anyone on your shopping list -- from the rich auntie to your classy cousin.

The key is to recognize her personality type and the key items that suit her.

Here's the perfect gift for ...


The Rich Auntie

This relative or friend exudes a bold confidence not only in conversation but in her fashion choices.

She loves to travel, dine out, and lounge in luxury even if she has champagne taste on a beer budget.

She can't be bothered with fussy dresses or skirts but likes to relax in comfort.

We recommend gifting the rich auntie in your life with a vintage lounge set in a bold jewel tone and the following accoutrement to take the pajamas from home to the party.


The Classy Cousin

The classy cousin has it all -- success, love and a profound sense of purpose. She is driven, reserved and contemplative.

When it comes to her sense of fashion, she is conservative but stylish, often playing up her strengths. She might shy away from color but when she wears it, she is sure to make a statement.

We recommend opting for a simple cocktail dress in a rich jewel tone with some sort of surprising detail such as a one - shoulder strap or floral embellishment.

Pair this dress with timeless yet interesting jewelry such as a pretty pearl earring and matching watch.


The Wall Flower

It's difficult to know what to get the introverts in your life. These are the friends or loved ones who would prefer to stay in and read a good book over going out.

This friend loves a well - developed story not only in her personal life but in her wardrobe, which makes her prone to nostalgic references in her fashion choices.

We recommend opting for a vintage dress in a floral or whimsical pattern.

Couple this look with a pearl tier necklace and cluster earrings for that perfect nod to yesteryear.


The Glam Girl

This friend loves to play dress up. She finds any excuse to don a gown or a cocktail dress. She is the quintessential fashionista. She loves fur, glitz and all things glam.

She loves a party but would rather host than be the center of attention. She is the consummate aesthete, always designing, rearranging and decluttering with the goal of bringing beauty to the forefront.

We recommend gifting the glam girl in your life this playful vintage dress that gives a nod to old Hollywood prestige.

Pair it with cluster beaded earrings and a sequined clutch for a elegant night in or ritzy night out.


The Sexy Sophisticate

This fashionista loves to look good for her man. She works hard to maintain her great figure by eating healthy, working out and simply enjoying life.

She loves a great bodycon dress or curve - hugging silhouette.

We recommend opting for a figure - flattering vintage dress in a bright pop of color.

Couple it with a pair of petite stud earrings for a sophisticated date night.


Shop all the looks!

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By Taya Flores


Five Ways to Modernize the Clueless Core Trend

If you're a fashion girl of a certain age, then you probably coveted Cher Horowitz's virtual closet from the 1995 teen cult classic, "Clueless."

The Beverly Hills treatment of Jane Austen's classic "Emma," not only gave comedic depth to the uppity tale of teen matchmaking gone awry but breathed new life into the slouchy anti - fashion scene so pervasive in the '90s.

Finally, those same trends are resurfacing today. From sweater vests to plaid suits, nearly all of Cher's iconic looks are in style again.

The trends that comprise the Clueless Core aesthetic include plaid, suiting, saturated colors and knit layers. Fitted mini dresses and cropped skirts are also on trend.

These styles can be found at your favorite secondhand shops including here at High Street Fashion Co. and we've got you covered!

Here are five ways to modernize the Clueless Core Trend.

1. Simplify the Suit

So if you find a vintage suit at your local thrift store or online shop, break it up by wearing the pieces as separates.

Try elevating the look by donning a suit in a monochromatic color.

Another way to modernize the suiting trend is to wear a bralette or bustier underneath the blazer for an edgier trend interpretation.

Shop the Trend

2. Style Silhouettes

The outfits in the film were extremely tailored, but today's fashion plays with proportion. Make your look current by experimenting with the silhouette.

Try wearing an oversized men's blazer or women's tunic as a dress. You can belt the blazer or tunic to create shape. Pair with over - the - knee boots to show a little thigh while keeping most of your legs covered.

Shop the Trend

3. Clue in on Color

Sometimes, you can simply take inspiration from the colors of an outfit or trend. Saturated color is a major trend for fall this year.

The trend departs from the traditional muted earth tones and plays up bold hues in pink, yellow and orange.

We recommend opting for concentrated versions of colors that you like to wear and fit well within your wardrobe.

If you already have a closet full of warm neutrals, try adding punchy gold hues, which compliment earth tones such as brown and dark green.

Shop the Trend

4. Play with Plaid

Plaid was virtually ubiquitous in the film and routinely surfaces as a fall staple.

One way to refresh your plaid pieces is to mix them with a different type of print.

We love mixing our plaids with graphic tees to give it a streetstyle look.

You can also experiment by mixing different types of plaid prints together or pairing plaids with florals or animal print. The key is to focus on coupling complimentary colors.

Shop the Trend

5. The Perfect 'Fit

Cher loved her bodycon mini dresses and these have made their way back into the styling game. Bodycon mini dresses create the perfect blank canvas to style a fall 'fit.

Just choose one in a neutral color. Add fun layers such as a faux fur coat or chunky cardigan.

Pair with over - the - knee boots or casual booties for that perfect fall 'fit.

Shop the Trend

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Fall Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Vintage Vegas Glam: 10 Days in Las Vegas

Whether the goal is to pack light or provide inspiration, a capsule wardrobe is the new "It" way to style your wardrobe.

Capsule wardrobes are minimal collections of pieces that fit together for cohesive styling. So 10 pieces could create an endless array of looks because all the pieces, including the shoes and accessories, go together.

The inspiration for this travel capsule wardrobe is a trip to Old Las Vegas. Think '70s Vintage Glam mixed with street style sensibility and modern - day comfort.

Shop the Looks

In your mind, you might be thinking, "Aren't capsule wardrobes kinda boring?" Well, maybe. Because, let's face it, the more basic the piece, the more often you wear it.

But this capsule is anything but boring.

It's colorful, vibrant, full of statement vintage pieces and did I mention real and faux fur? You can use this travel capsule wardrobe for inspiration to shop your closet ... (I do this all the time. It saves you time, energy and money while giving your old pieces new life.)

Or you can show support and shop the sustainable secondhand pieces below.

Shop the Capsule

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